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C.A.T. Program DayCare

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The Full Time weekday C.A.T. Program is currently in the process of relocating to Temple Hills, MD.

Join our waiting list and be the first to know about open registration this December!


The C.A.T. Program was designed for toddlers ages 2 - 5 years old to learn and grow through the creative arts. We focus on 4 core classes that will build your toddlers love for learning & the creative arts. Our classes include creative movement, art, music and theatrical story telling. 

Creative Movement:  Encourages children to express their inner nature through music and movement, encourages the development of physical skills, channels energy in a healthy way and nurtures their creativity.

Art: Art allows children to express themselves by coloring, painting, and drawing. Our art class focuses on introducing toddlers to colors, textures, lines, shapes and concepts.

Music: Children will be introduced to different genres of music by playing instruments (recorders, drums, etc.), learning basic music notes, singing age appropriate songs and making up new ones!

Theatrical Story Telling: Children will be told stories in a fun and innovative way! They will be read stories and poems with theatrical elements such as, costumes, character changes, musical soundtracks and more!

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